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Some women swear by their weave sew-in's, and some women swear by their wigs. And now with the coming of super natural looking Lace Wigs and Closures the battle of the Wigs vs. Weaves seems to be at an all time high. But what's the real difference? Long before human hair wigs became affordable for us 'commoners', the wigs that we could afford weren't the most realistic ones. Some of us didn't mind and rocked those synthetic locks with rather odd looking hairlines like nobody's business. Other's put in synthetic weave sew-in's and stuck to it. Then the market changed....

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Most of us have been there before. Purchased those new hair extensions at a great price and can't wait to install. Hair felt soft and silky when you got it, no flaws in sight. You get home, wash and condition the hair....only to find tangles and shedding everywhere! What happened here? I thought I bought real human hair? So here is the thing. You might have heard about all the different grades and types of human hair available on the market. Unfortunately, not every manufacturer or retailer will be honest about what grade their hair falls in. The result? You...

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Whether you have come across these terms while scratching your head when having to decide which hair extension is the right one for you or just by breezing through different hair and beauty platforms. Some way some how, we all had to ask ourselves this questions: Virgin vs Remy hair, whats the difference? Well here it is. Virgin hairThis hair is real human hair coming from a single hair donor. In order for the hair to qualify as Virgin hair, the hair can never have been chemically treated in any way. This includes, dying, bleaching, perming, chemical straightening or curling etc....

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